Has the University of Phoenix Been Identified by the Government?

The xsmb thu4 Tuition Provider, like the Tuition Provider from the University of Phoenix, has been revealed as one of the largest organizations in the world to avoid minimum reporting requirements. The Government Accountability Office has found that this organization, Xsmb Tuition Provider, is a completely separate entity and, therefore, no part of the University of Phoenix.

It goes on to say that this company is not licensed as an Edu or any other private higher education institution in the country. This will require that the Higher Education Act is amended. As the documents are all in the same format, this will likely mean that the employer must keep a record of all work performed for a company in the same manner.

Although this issue is not expected to be long term, it is a huge issue to all students who have received money to attend school through this program. The national media has already begun to identify those who attended college through this company. There are even student organizations looking to sue.

The Federal Government seems to have shown an interest in the issue, as they have also confirmed that the payment cannot be used to benefit the education of students. In many ways, this will help to resolve the issue. The next step is the lawyer of a large student that has received money from this organization.

Attorneys have an obligation to continue to seek out what is owed to their client. They will gather information and study the case so that they can build the right defense.

The attorneys have begun looking at the possibilities of continuing the investigation, without the students knowing about the investigation, in order to keep them informed. It could turn into a class action lawsuit.

This investigation is definitely in the state of Virginia, but it might be a good idea to contact attorneys who are known for building legal cases without the student being aware of the investigation. There are lawyers who would be interested in this case.

The investigation by the government does not impact the University of Phoenix, as it has already taken place and the college remains a legitimate college, having graduated from the Ivy League students. With all of the publicity, it is possible that the students will be able to see the results before the completion of the final paperwork. Students can also choose to file a lawsuit against the tuition provider.