QuickBooks Integration With Leading Payment Service Provider

QuickBooks integration is a means by which you can integrate QuickBooks features with existing software. QuickBooks is an on-demand financial software package developed and sold by Intuit. QuickBooks products are more geared towards small and mid-sized companies and provide on-demand accounting software with various features that include employee time clock application, budgeting tools, employee information modules, sales tracking and analysis, organizes employee information, and many more. To be specific, QuickBooks has an in-depth database for company owners and officers, a KIN (key first entry) feature for payroll administration, a direct deposit capability for company payrolls, employee self service module, online invoicing, print tracking function, and a customer portal. These are just among the many important features of QuickBooks that any company can use to streamline its business processes.

The time tracking capabilities of QuickBooks integration can make a great deal of difference in the management of a small business’ daily operations. QuickBooks time tracking application helps you keep track of employee activities like their estimated time spent working or other related tasks and then provides you with reports of daily and weekly progress. QuickBooks time tracking can help you take advantage of new opportunities that may arise because of enhanced efficiency brought about by using QuickBooks time tracking. This in turn, can be of great help in accomplishing organizational objectives such as cost reduction, increase in productivity, and improvement in quality of product or services sold.

QuickBooks integration allows you to integrate QuickBooks with the leading field management software. Field management software is used by utility companies, repair shops, contractors, landscaping companies and others who provide mobile or wireless service to customers. In the past, only expensive laptop computers could access the data contained in field management software. Today, thanks to the integration, one can access the complete information contained in this app through a standard computer or laptop. In this way, this field software can now be accessed from any modern personal computer or laptop. QuickBooks integration enables you to view the reports generated by this app on your own desktop or laptop.

QuickBooks integration allows for easy and simple accounting procedures, which are often cumbersome when performed manually. This type of accounting involves entering information into one-way sync (i.e., through QuickBooks) while editing (i.e., via the Excel application). Consequently, when data from one place is updated, the corresponding data in the other place is updated too. This provides seamless integration and makes QuickBooks accounting easy.

QuickBooks integration with the leading payroll services provider in the UK enables QuickBooks users to enter information regarding payables, receivables, cash flows and other employee payroll items into the program. Once the payroll data has been entered into QuickBooks, it is easily reconciled, updated and printed out at the earliest convenience. Moreover, payroll transactions are automatically linked to the bank account transactions. Hence, when an account is debited or credited, the corresponding entry is also tracked in QuickBooks. In addition, QuickBooks payroll transaction log shows the number and type of payments received and disbursed. Hence, this tool further helps in maintaining accurate accounting records.

For retailers that accept credit card payments and have a variety of payment options like payments with checks, cash and prepaid cards, QuickBooks transactions can be integrated with the merchant accounts for fast and easy transactions. Merchants can use this type of integration for sales, coupons and other types of in-house and store specific payments. Similarly, for online purchases and for invoicing users can integrate the system with their websites. Moreover, QuickBooks integration enables users to create, view and track all transactions are automatically linked to bank accounts for better management.

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